VELMA GOLD Edition – Murano chandelier

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Light blue

Velma Gold is one of the favorite chandeliers of our customers. It is based on the classic design of Velma, a Pastorale classic and modern chandelier made according to the ancient Venetian Murano glass tradition. 

This version is very precious because it is entirely covered with 24kt gold leaf.

The story of this chandelier

The shape of this chandelier with curved pieces of glass is called Pastorale. This peculiar name comes from the real pastorale, a crook curved at the top. In most of the cases this kind of chandelier is full of small curved pieces of glass that artists usually call riccioli (curls). If you prefer, instead of riccioli, we can add leaves or colored flowers according to your taste. 

What's the perfect space for Velma Gold?

This elegant but modern shape makes it a unique piece of design easy to match with contemporary and modern interior design, traditional interior design, minimalist interior design, farmhouse design style and so on. The sparkling shade of gold goes well with black and white interior design too. 

How is it made? 
Completely made with clear crystal or with colored blu borders, with arms that support the lamp holders that look upwards. If you need, it's possible to customize the color of the borders too, you just need to ask us and our glassmakers will make the chandelier the way and the size you prefer.

Murano is a small island near Venice. It is famous for all the glassmakers that work there and conquered Europe over the centuries, developing many different technologies. Nowadays, the artisans of Murano Island are still using these ancient techniques and adapting them to different styles and tastes. 

Certification, packaging and spare parts

All our products are accompanied by a certificate of guarantee of origin which certifies their originality, spare parts and are shipped by express courier with 100% insurance.

The packaging is really protective, because each piece is vacuum-seal stored inside the box. Fully compatible with LED bulbs. If you need, we can adjust the chandelier for a direct connection with the ceiling (without chain).

complete collection is available for the product you like (chandelier, suspension, table lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp, bedside lamp, floor lamp, etc.). Compatible with LED bulbs.


  • 3 lights – W45xH50 cm
  • 5 lights – WL70xH75 cm
  • 6 lights – W70xH75 cm
  • 8 lights – W85xH90 cm
  • 10 lights – W100xH105 cm
  • 12 lights – W110xH115 cm

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