Blue Jolly Mask

Blue Jolly Mask

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Blue Jolly Mask is a non wearable Venetian mask made of ceramic and fabrics. All the details have been designed by our artists. This is one of the funniest character of the Venetian Carnival. Jolly is a jack of all trades, a musician, a comic actor, a singer and so on. 

Blue Jolly Mask is 100% Made in Italy certified. If you need special customizations or a different color, just keep in touch with our team. We will be more than happy to make your perfect mask! 


  • 40 × 30 × 16 cm

All masks are unique handmade pieces, so all images are indicative, as well as sizes and colors that may be subject to variations.

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Estimated delivery from 26-06-2024 to 06-07-2024

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