Murano Floral Chandeliers

Floral Murano glass chandeliers

This line of lamps and chandeliers highlights the skill of the master glassmaker by reinterpreting the established chromatic intensity of Impressionist painting, in the lightness and transparency of glass. Ancient and skilful processing techniques no longer in current use, combined with the study of the subject with the shading effects, make this line the flagship of Muranonline. The creation of flowers with "torcello" processing is a classic of Murano production, although little used due to the skill required in processing. It provides different layers of glass with unique nuance effects clearly visible in the petals and decorations. The ever-changing characteristic shade makes this workmanship of an inimitable and difficult to reproduce beauty. The "torcello" process has been used a lot in past centuries and much less in recent times because of its difficulty.