Venetian mask - Jolly Buffo

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The joker face recalls the jesters always present in the noble Venetian palaces which, depending on their dress and their hairstyle, changed their way of amusing the nobles and their guests.
A character suitable for composing many masks with many applications. In this version it has a ceramic face entirely decorated with stucco, to which curls of paper folded by hand one by one are applied, to which is applied the typical bell that produces the unmistakable sound.
Hanging mask, not wearable, handmade in ceramic and entirely hand-decorated by expert decorators according to the most traditional and ancient technique of Venetian masks. Mask with “100% made in Italy certificate” guarantee certification.


  • 27 × 22 × 13 cm

All masks are unique handmade pieces, so all images are indicative, as well as sizes and colors that may be subject to variations.

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