Lights Number:  
Decoration color:  
Light blue - pink

Original classic Murano glass chandelier made entirely by hand by our master glassmakers according to the ancient Murano tradition.
Rigadin processing of the arms with rings and colored bells.
Decorated cups worked in ballotoon.
The presence of leaves and colored flowers and decorated according to the taste of the customer enriches everything.
All our products are accompanied by a certificate of guarantee of origin that attests to the originality.


    • 3 lights - W45xH50 cm
    • 5 lights - W70xH75 cm
    • 6 lights - W70xH75 cm
    • 8 lights - W85xH90 cm
    • 10 lights - W100xH105 cm
    • 12 lights - W110xH115 cm

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Estimated delivery from 19-05-2024 to 29-05-2024