BASILIO - Murano Classic - Rezzonico Chandelier


Murano glass chandelier Rezzonico model of considerable size, consisting of a gilded structure, 20 arms, distributed on two levels, and 5 baskets from which depart an infinite number of decorative elements colored and treated in detail. our Glass Masters have created a very articulate and embellished with fine colors in gold leaf 24Kt, in which are represented most of the techniques of Murano tradition.
The arms of this Venetian suspension are covered with glass "bossole" worked in "rigamenà" and decorated with blown glass spheres and cups all worked in "balloton", completed in turn by leaves of different colors "tagliantate" and made one by one.
Many elements are then bordered by a colored "morrisa" and the large leaves that descend from the end are worked in "rigadin". To enrich the work of art two-coloured pendants and flowers of an intense pink coloured "in pasta".


  • 12+8 Lights, H 150 cm x L 160 cm

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