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Spare parts for glass chandeliers

Have you broken or lost part of your Murano glass chandelier? Do you have an old artistic chandelier to restore? Do you want to modify your chandelier by replacing the shape and color of some component?

Thanks to our Glass Masters, we can make spare parts, restore, repair or modify any type of lamp or chandelier even if it is not purchased from us. We are also able to undertake “projected restoration” of very important Murano glass chandeliers and lamps.

Contact us at spareparts@muranonline.com or fill out the FORM below attaching some photos (max 2 Mb/photo). We will reply as soon as possible, providing you with all the necessary information.

1. Send us photos of the piece to be reproduced specifying how many pieces you need (remember to write us where you are to calculate the shipping costs)

a) by email to info@muranonline.com
b) using the FORM below
c) via whatsapp Click here

2. You will receive a cost estimate

You will receive a cost estimate in a very short time. Minimum order 250,00 €

3. Send us your piece to reproduce

Send us the sample to the address we will indicate to you. Once the payment has been made, the procedure is activated (For payment it has never been so simple; you can choose to pay by bank transfer or PAYPAL.) It is important for non-EU countries to specify that it is a broken piece and worth 1 euro in order not to have to pay the customs twice.

4. As soon as the sample to be reproduced arrives in the furnace, our master glassmakers go to work.

n about 20 working days you will receive your new Murano glass components at home. Together with the pieces made you will always receive the sales invoice and certificate of authenticity.

Spare parts form