Glass chandeliers restoration

Recovery and restoration of glass chandeliers

Antique Murano glass chandeliers often need to be restored to their former glory through a careful restoration, capable of bringing to light the treasure of crystal, wrought iron and brass hidden under the dust. The main goal of any restoration is to restore the Murano glass chandelier to its former glory while respecting its original nature, eliminating the traces left by time and restoring the missing parts. Recovering, restoring, bringing into law, consolidating and conserving antique lamps and chandeliers Each antique lamp has intrinsic characteristics that make it unique; the restoration of a chandelier means applying techniques and operations that aim not only to restore a work of art to a functional state, but to ensure its conservation over time and therefore extend the life of the unique glass chandelier. In addition to the function of illuminating an environment, the chandelier also performs an important furnishing function. It is therefore essential that the aesthetic aspects are respected to the same extent as the functional ones. For chandeliers of great value it is not an aesthetic review but a restoration and insertion of the missing elements. All activities that aim at the aesthetic restoration of the chandelier must take into account the age of the artefact with which you are dealing, the intrinsic and artistic value, carefully evaluating each operation, the materials and techniques that will be used.